Pasteurize Your Water with Light.

Atlantium's Hydro-Optic system can replace heat pasteurization of water for dairy processing. It provides water and energy savings, reduces downtime, streamlines operations, increases efficiency and assures the treatment reliability you need to protect your brand.

PMO Compliant for Dairy use

  • Medium pressure high intensity polychromatic UV lamp with more UV power. Provides enough UV power for inactivating even highly resistant microorganisms and disabling their repair mechanism

  • Control software automatically adjusts the UV power to maintain the required dose all the time. Integrated sensor continuously monitors UV lamp intensity. UVT sensor continuously monitors water quality.

  • Quartz disinfection chamber surrounded by an air block traps germicidal UV light rays and reflects them back into the water for longer light paths (more inactivation opportunities per UV Photon) and uniform dose, attacking particles from all directions.

  • Thick quartz tube separates UV lamp from water chamber for quick and easy lamp replacement and avoids the risk of broken glass and mercury in the water.

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