The Vegapuls WL61 pulsed radar is the ideal sensor for all applications in water and wastewater applications. It is particularly suitable for use in water processing, pump stations as well as overflow basins, for flow measurement in open flumes and gauge monitoring. The Vegapuls WL61 uses short radar pulses to measure the distance to the surface of the water. Because the signals propagate independently of the surrounding environment, the measurement is not influenced by fluctuating temperatures, wind, fog , rain or snowfall. Its high precision remains unaffected under all operating conditions. The characteristics of the radar signal also allow the measurement to be unaffected by most types of foaming. This allows an accurate and reliable measurement in difficult wastewater applications where foam is present, such as lift stations and sludge tanks. Since the WL61 radar signal is a microwave and not a sound wave such as ultrasonic, it is unaffected by any buildup or condensation on the sensor. This type of signal can also pass through plastic materials, ideal for external mounting of the WL61 on chemical tanks.


The Vegawell 52 is a suspended pressure transmitter. It measures level based on the hydrostatic pressure on the ceramic CERTEC measuring cell. Suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids. Typical applications are measurements in water/ wastewater and deep wells. High reliability through maximum overload and vacuum resistance of the ceramic measuring cell. High plant availability through integrated overvoltage protection.


Guided Wave technology is ideal for applications with a variety of process conditions. The VEGAFLEX has no moving parts and is factory-programmed for its operating span. Guided wave radar is unaffected by shifts in pressure, temperature, or product specific gravity, making it reliable for level measurement.

VEGAFLEX 81 Guided Wave Radar for continuous level and interface measurement of liquids

  • Cable, Rod and Coaxial probes available for the measurement of all liquids
  • Measuring range:
    • Cable 0-246 Feet
    • Rod 0-20 Feet
    • Coaxial 0-20 Feet
  • Switch between level and interface measurement by making a simple software adjustment

VEGAFLEX 82 Guided Wave Radar for continuous level measurement of bulk solids

  • Cable and Rod probes specifically designed to withstand tensile forces and abrasion
  • Measures extremely low DK (1.2) bulk material by utilizing probe end tracking
  • Preconfiguration available from the factory so the sensor is completely ready to measure once it is installed


Pressure measurement is used across many industries for level, volume, density or flow measurement. Whether gas, vapor or liquids VEGA pressure transmitters deliver reliable and highly accurate readings in all media. The measuring range of VEGA instruments begins at tiny pressures as low as 0.36 psi and extends to extreme pressures up to 14,500 psi at process temperatures from -4 to 752F.

All Technologies at a glance:

Ceramic Capacitive Measuring Cell

  • Measuring range  -14.5 to 1,450 psi
  • Temperature range  -40 to 302F
  • Dry measuring cell
  • Excellent long term stability
  • High overload and abrasion resistance

Chemical Seal System

  • Measuring range  -14.5 to 14,500 psi
  • Temperature range  -130 to 752F
  • Wetted parts of high-grade 316L, Tantalum and Hastelloy
  • Diaphragm coatings of PA, PP or Gold

Differential Pressure Measuring Cell

  • DP measuring range 0.14 to 580 psi
  • Temperature range  -40 to 248F
  • Dynamic overload resistance up to 9,137 psi
  • Chemical seal single side assembly (CSS)
  • Chemical seal both side assembly (CSB)

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