Magnetic Flowmeters

We offer Magnetic Flowmeters for Water , Wastewater, Industrial and Sanitary applications. Available in sizes 3/8" to 72". Process connections included Flanged, Wafer, NPT, Sanitary with various liner materials available. Please call with your application information and we will size and quote the appropriate meter for your application.

Mass Flowmeters

We offer single straight tube, dual straight tube and bent tube Mass Flowmeters. Available with flanged or sanitary connections. Multiple outputs available for mass flow, volume flow, temperature, density or BRIX measurements. Please call with your application so we can size the appropriate meter.

Turbine Flowmeters

Flo-Clean Sanitary Turbine flowmeter provides high accuracy in a sanitary style tri-clamp mounting configuration. The Flo-Clean Sanitary Turbine meets the requirements of 3-A Sanitary and is suitable for COP and SOP enviroments. Sanitary clamp sizes from 3/4" to 2.5" with flow ranges from 0.6 up to 400 gpm.

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