MISSION vs. Traditional Custom SCADA

  • Complete systems under half the cost, initially and over 10 years
  • Higher end to end uptime and reliability
  • Runtimes, Flows and Rainfall spot trouble early and aid your engineering studies
  • Interfaces with existing Open Architecture HMI packages
  • More hardware, software, notification and data delivery features
  • Security and encryption standards approved by AWWA
  • Fill-in or Backup for existing telephone or radio based SCADA systems
  • Complete system up and running within just a few hours

Manhole Monitor In-Sewer Overflow Alarm System

The Mission Manhole Monitor is a complete sewer overflow tracking and alarm system designed to be installed in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) locations. It includes the Manhole Monitor RTU, two quick connecting floats, and in-road antenna and installation hardware. Avoid spills and high level conditions with early notifications. Floats tipped by surcharges and high levels signal Mission servers to initiate notifications via phone, email, text message, fax and pager. Secure web portals display the time and duration of events. The advanced Manhole Monitor features fourth generation (4G) radios for reliable data transmissions. The device features fully acknowledged data payloads - unlike SMS messages. There are no radios to program, cellular contracts to set up or software programs to buy. The service includes all communications, data storage, alarm call outs, reports and technical support. Alarm conditions are recorded and reported in real-time while device health status is transmitted daily. All data and reports can be accessed from any web-enabled device. No engineering or programming is required.

Model 110 RTU

Mission offers a turnkey monitoring and control system to manage remote sites. It is an automated management system, both for pumping stations, and the people who maintain them. The Model 110 RTU transmits data from the following inputs:

8 Digital General purpose, supervised, dry contact inputs, 2 Analog 10 bit (4-20mA or 0-5 Volt jumper selectable).1 Key Electronic Key reader to log activity and enable service mode.  2 Pulse (optional)      Pulse counter for flow meters or rainfall tipping buckets, 3 Relay Outputs Output relays' status is telemetered without using above channels. 3 Internal Status  AC Voltage, Battery Voltage, and signal strength status are transmitted.

The information on your secure website is displayed on an easy to understand graphic depiction of your water or wastewater system. Log in and get a real time snapshot of all RTU's with alarms or AC failures detailed in a single glance. Mission's system can also blend with existing radio SCADA systems and send data right to your existing HMI computer via OPC. Mission's automated control center simultaneously generates alarm and status notifications to your personnel via all pagers, e-mail, faxes and voice phone calls. All alarms are easily confirmed by time and recipient. Electronic RTU service keys document and log service personnel site inspections and maintenance.  Mission can supply you with virtually all the information needed for CMOM/state EPA reporting for your pump stations; from rainfall/wet weather event documentation, I&I estimates, pump station performance and maintenance, to alarms and documented responses.

Model 800 RTU

 Mission combines AT&T, Verizon and Sprint cellular coverage with centralized computer services to offer a revolutionary real time monitoring and control SCADA system. It can stand alone, or replace or compliment existing radio or phone line based SCADA systems. It's extremely easy to use, and it installs in just a few hours. Mission provides incredible web graphics to display real time analogs, digital status and control and /or seamlessly to your existing HMI computer using any OPC compliant software. There are no additional computers, contracts or licenses to obtain. Mission handles all hardware and services. Like the Model 110, Mission's automated control center generates alarm and status notifications to your personnel via all pagers, e-mail, faxes or voice calls. The system handles standard SCADA functions such as continuous analog values, general alarms, pump run times/starts, real time storm surge flow monitoring, meter reading, and well or tank level monitoring with pump control. Continuous volumetric flow calculations and weekly management reports are included.


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