pH / ORP Monitor
ATI Q46P pH/ORP Monitor provides the combination of durability, accuracy and versatility required for virtually any pH monitoring or control application. The Model Q46R provides the same reliable monitoring for ORP Applications. ATI's Q46 represents their latest generation of monitoring and control systems. Control features have been expanded to include an optional 3rd analog output or an additioal bank of low power relays. Choose either a "differential" or "conventional" pH sensor. Optional "air blast" sensor cleaning system. AC or DC power options, two isolated 4-20 mA outputs. Available for either Profibus- DP, Modbus-RTU or Ethernet IP.

Chlorine Monitor

ATI's Q46H /62-63 Residual Chlorine Monitor for continuous water quality monitoring of free or combined chlorine. The Q46H system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly without the need for chemical reagents. Systems are available to provide 4-20 mA outputs for chlorine, pH and temperature to allow easy CT calculations.


Q46C4 4E Conductivity Monitor is the answer for monitoring almost any water based process. The unique drive / control scheme used in the 4-electrode system allows a single sensor to be used in conductivity ranged from 0-200uS to as high at 0-2,000 uS. For chemical mixing applications, a concentration display can be selected.

Q46C2 2E Conductivity Monitorprovides the reliable and accurate low-level water quality measurements required for high purity water systems. The Q46C2 conductivity monitors can also be configured to measure and display the concentration of chemicals used in various process applications.

Q46CT Toroidal Conductivity monitor contains a variety of features and options to meet virtually any conductivity water quality monitoring and control application. While not suitable for low level conductivity measurement, toroidal monitors are an excellent choice for high conductivity applications.

Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

ATI Q46D Dissolved Oxygen monitor is designed to provide reliable oxygen measurement and help reduce operating costs. Two types of sensing technologies are available for use with the Q46D system: Membraned Electrochemical and Optical (fluorescence). Both sensors will provide reliable long-term performance with minimal maintenance. The monitor can be configured for AC or DC power supplies. When process conditions require frequent sensor cleaning, the unique Q-Blast Auto Cleaner can be used to keep the system operating nearly maintenance free.

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